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Island Cycling

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Wii Fit Plus Game: Island Cycling
MET 2.5
Duration {{{3}}}
Equipment Required {{{4}}}


Object of the Game

You cycle around at the whole island and can really go on every place that is drivable.
The first four levels are more a brain-jogging (And a really running brain sucks a lot of calories). To find and do the shortest way you have to use many tricks.
The fifth level is a workout type. You have to drive as many kilometres (miles) as possible (It's still a search game for balloons included).

Equipment required

This game requires use of:

  • Wii Balance Board
  • Wiimote


Cycling has a MET rating of 2.5, meaning that it is a light intensity activity.


This game takes up to 30 minutes. You can shorten this time by getting the goal before or pressing the B button while you are standing still to save the fitness cash.



  • On the Screen: You're looking over the shoulder of your Mii and in the right lower corner is in an circle a map like a GPS system. It shows your current position and is almost orientated in your driving direction. If your Mii stands still you can easily see the front wheel which is important for navigating the dog. Keep in mind that the view is only virtual and sometimes a bit irritating. Especially, inclines would be not adequately visible. If you have problems seeing enough in the long black tunnels then lower the contrast of the TV.
  • Direction control: Instead of a real bike you have to move the remote like a steep steering wheel. Be careful - it's a formula one type and direct like a bicycle. Doing it gently is the right way.
  • Pedaling: You should not lift your feet completely off the board like jogging! Only shift your weight from one side to the other like pedalling a real bike. If you're pedaling on an incline, standing on the front part of the board will help a little.
  • Brakes: Press the Cross-button left for the front brake and / or the button 2 for the rear brake
  • Ring the bell: Press the A button (needed for using the pets).
  • Zoom out at map: press button 1 (it zoom out to a fixed scale as long as you press)

Levels in ascending order

  1. Beginners Course: 13 flags
  2. Advanced Course: 22 flags
  3. Island View Course: 27 flags
  4. Expert Course: 20 flags
  5. Free Course: 20 balloons

The goals

  • The goal in the first four levels is to reach all the flags on the shortest way (time doesn't really matter!).
  • Pets (dogs) are waiting to help you do the challenge. Using them will help you a lot! You absolutely can't get best scores without them.
  • The blue ramps help you to do huge jumps (over the river for example). Other ramps are also helpful; especially the one near the start/finish.
  • If you fall off a cliff or go too deep into the water (the saddle comes into the water) you will set up again at the last flagstaff you (not the pet, usually) touched.
  • The main goal in Free Course is different! You have to do the maximum kilometres (miles) in 30 minutes. You can abandon with saving your fitness cash using the B button.
  • Alternatively, in the Free Course you can try to burst all 20 balloons which are spread over the island and invisible in the on-screen map.
  • Free Course always starts from near the last point you saved (button B) or finished the 30 minutes.
  • If you get bored you can jump and ride on some roofs of the town. That's not too easy.
  • You can't die in this game. You will always stand up fresh and sane. So there's no risk to try out "impossible" things. Do it!

Using printable maps

The link below gives some maps especially for cycling. The first map gives an overview and shows the trails in the tunnels.
The next maps (hidden in links so you can't see them unaware) show you the approximate positions of all the flags and balloons. The last kind of maps (also hidden in links) shows numbered flags and will help you find a shorter way (please read the distance reduction tricks first!).
Some helping maps

Tricks and Tips

Distance Reduction Tricks

The flag games are good, but they are scored strictly on distance cycled, shorter being better than longer. A major influence on the distance cycled is, of course, the route you choose to follow. However, the way you follow the route is also important. Here are User: cynique's tips on how to reduce the distance cycled.

  • Never follow curved trajectories, ever, unless you are hugging the inside of a curved path e.g. a tunnel, the side of a lake, etc.
  • Cut straight across the grass at *every* opportunity.
  • For the purposes of the above, paths, roads, paving slabs, pavements/sidewalks, beaches, etc. are just funny coloured grass, the point being that you can basically ignore the type of terrain (cliffs and deep water excepted) and follow the straight-line path everywhere.
  • Stop or go dead slow at every flag with a sharp turn. This allows you to make tighter turns, and spend less distance.
  • Practice cynique's no-pedal start-and-turn trick, where you stop, then turn the contoller vertical. The Mii will start up the bike in a super-slow way and make an incredibly tight turn. It whips around quickly, so fast reflexes help to control your course after you leave.
  • You can also creep forward in a straight line like this:
    • Stop normally.
    • Apply the brakes, and keep them applied.
    • Start pedalling. The bike will not move, except on the steeper downhill slopes, and even then it will only move very slowly. However, it will come upright.
    • Stop pedalling, or at least slow right down, and immediately release the brakes.
    • Now you can move on without that annoying rush of speed.
  • At Hump Rock (the hump-shaped rock by Duckling Lake), go over the top on the way down from the Castle, since distance appears to be measured in 2D only, so the up-down does not count, and the horizontal path is closer to a straight line.
  • At Hump Rock, go round the inside, next to the lake, on the way up to the castle. Pedal like you're on fire when you do this, and turn into the rock, or you get a swimming lesson.
  • Go into the edge of the sea on the way back along the beach. This is hard work (there is a lot of drag), but you don't fall off the beach into the sea until just after the saddle is underwater. On the gift bike, you seem to be able to go slightly deeper into the water.
  • Exploit the "kill radius" of flags to weave a shorter path around them. It is not necessary to touch the flag itself. You can claim a flag by touching the glowing cylinder with any part of either the bike or your Mii.
  • You can also use the pets (dogs, mostly, but also cats if you have added them to your Wii Fit Plaza) found around the island to help you. Ride near them to collect them, or ride kinda near them and ring the bell. When you are vaguely near a flag, ring the bell again when your front wheel is pointing at the flag, and the pet will run in that direction, and if you are near enough, the pet will claim the flag for you. This saves the distance you would have needed to make the necessary detour.

Apart from the question of straight lines, most of these do not help on the speed-based challenges in the Free Course.

"Death Plummets"

What's a "Death Plummet"?

In the original words of User:cynique...

I call this type of cheat a "Death Plummet Cheat". "Death" for obvious reasons, "Cheat" because everyone knows these are cheating, and "Plummet" for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who saw Gonzo the Great in the parachuting scene behind the credits of The Muppet Movie.

There is a way to predict where they can be found, which is derived from how they appear to me to work. This way of predicting their location also indicates why some of them are easy to execute, and some are not.

Basically, it appears that you can find them on any cliff where there is something non-cyclable far below, nearer to the bottom than the top, although the definition of "nearer" is not 100% clear. Call this thing the "target". If from the top you can plummet so that you free-fall not to the cyclable zone below, but to the target, and you then fall from there to the cyclable zone, you respawn below rather than above.

Where to find them

  1. On the Mountain behind the castle above the highest green going counter clockwise jump off to hit the camel rock, it drops to the dry lake bed aiming at the flag,
  2. Just before the tunnel going down stay left over the side and stay near the cliff, drops to the road outside the Ruins,
  3. across from duck lake at the start of green jump off road toward large rock, it drops to the exit to the plateau from the tunnel with the metal ramp.
  4. Across from the Dry Lake Bed tunnel jump off to the right of the fence - drops down to the "s" shaped ledge with ball.
  5. In the field across from the ruins that if you go straight over the cliff after hitting the balloon, you reincarnate on the road (same level).

"Getting speedy"

  • Pedalling: If you pedalling down in the same moment and with the same feet as your Mii, the pedal emitting sparks and you be highest effective. Your rhythm is perfect when the remote will shake in the same order.
  • Speed lines: If your "on speed" enough you will see "speed lines" around your Mii. It shows you not the exact speed like a speedometer, and it is not the fastest speed you can get. Even it was going down you shouldn't stop pedalling or you will losing speed.

"The gift bike"

When you started the game first, the on screen map is dim out except the square you are current. If you moving in an other square it will also light up. Because Wii Fit Plus didn't tell what square(s) are missing, it's sometime not so ease to find the last (ones). If you have all drivable parts of the island visited, you got a message that you will have the complete map turned on. At the next start you get a shiny new bike. Maybe it's better in some properties but a least it looks a lot more fancy.

"I's a dog's live"

Using a pet, it's almost a dog except you have set up a own cat.

  • When you driving near a pet it will follow you.
  • If it's further away but it can see and hear you, just ring the bell (button A) one time and it will come running.
  • Ring the bell while pointing to a flag (or a balloon) with the front wheel affect the pet to run in this direction and do the job for you.
  • It has a little intelligence and finding the flag in some range for it's own, so you haven't point absolutely perfect like a gun.
  • If the flag to far away or the pet can't reach then it stops. Ring the bell twice again and it will go a little further away.
  • If you changing the pointing direction you be able to send the pet behind a corner to an "invisible" flag. If it doesn't come back by himself help it with one ring (not to early, not to late and attention where you pointing with the front wheel!).
  • The furthermost the pet can "work" is just a little more as the range it hears the bell.
  • Even low level steps (curbstones), but not hills, would stop the pet to go.
  • The pet is brave enough to jump down the high town wall but will not follow you to a "Death Plummet". Maybe although it's not very intelligent it's not so crazy to follow you into sure death.
  • Wait for the pet at least you see it's on the right way back to you, or you can lose it if you go around a corner to early and he can't see you any more.
  • I think the exact distance the pet will work at first ring is a little random. If your pet is to lazy at the first use, try a restart because it will not going better the whole tour.
  • At last: you can change the colour of the pet's collar by changing the colour of the pet's calendar.

"The ramps"

There are two kinds of ramps:

  • The blue one: The boost you to a great jump. No chance to stop on it, but to come over the river you need a starting speed.
  • The multicolour one: The did a little boost and helping to go uphill. It's possible to stop on it, but for what? If you want to jump with this kind of ramp you need a really good starting speed.

EXPERT level Walkthrough (THREE STARS)

  1. From position at start, pedal forward to follow the LEFT path for FLAG 1 which is visible ahead.
  2. At crossroads, take LEFT fork in front of blue ramp. At T-junction with brick bridge on the right, the next flag is visible under the waterfall. Continue onto the grass, bearing slightly left, carefully cycling between the large rock structure and the edge of the river for FLAG 2.
  3. Continue forward into the cave under the waterfall. Go over the narrow bridge, then up towards the junction. FLAG 3 is visible ahead.
  4. Continue forward uphill to the exit of the cave. Follow narrow, sandy path around the mountain face. Lighthouse and windmills are below on your right. As the castle comes into view, so does FLAG 4 ahead.
  5. Cycle forward on the path and over the bridge where you will probably meet a wee four-legged friend! At the T-junction turn LEFT. This path goes uphill through an archway, eventually leading back to the castle. FLAG 5 is collected on grass area on the summit.
  6. Continue forward, following the mountain face on your right to another grassy area with a “Stonehenge” structure. Use brakes until you get familiar with the course here. Go over the bridge or through the castle grounds. Follow path on the descent, retracing your earlier climb. Go into cave. Keep to the right to follow the river as before, exiting at the waterfall. As you pass FLAG 2 there is a cave straight ahead with sand in front. Enter this cave and shortly after entering you see FLAG 6.
  7. Continue up the metal ramp inside the cave. At the exit of the cave, bear RIGHT onto the grass where FLAG 7 should be visible on the grass, to the left of the three tall stone columns.
  8. Continue straight ahead until you see the fence. Go LEFT and downhill across the two rope bridges. Follow the path around to the RIGHT with mountain face on your left. Cut the left corner to go uphill on the grass. This saves distance. FLAG 8 is just ahead on the grass.
  9. Immediately take a LEFT towards a ramp and another hidden cave. Continue towards the exit of cave, with FLAG 9 on the white gravel area outside.
  10. We’re gonna’ travel far for the next one! Turn around and exit the cave to retrace and join the path ahead beyond the grass, going LEFT and downhill. Cut across to the grass on the RIGHT of the path, following direction of the rope fence. Rejoin the path, bearing RIGHT. At fork bear RIGHT and waterfall should be ahead. At the brick bridge, continue straight on, following the path through the archway. At White House go uphill to the right of the house heading for the Lighthouse. Bear LEFT at Lighthouse and FLAG 10 is behind the building on the grass.
  11. Go RIGHT round Lighthouse and downhill towards the windmills. Go over both ramps, through the tarmac road and onto the grass. Bear LEFT and FLAG 11 is just ahead on the path.
  12. Cut over the grass to the LEFT to rejoin the tarmac road. You can fall off the wee ledge to get there without injury. Continue downhill towards archway with lighthouse behind you. FLAG 12 is in the arch.
  13. Continue on the tarmac road. FLAG 13 is at the bottom of the hill, just after the end of the rope fence on the right.
  14. Forward a little. On the next bend cut onto the grass towards a pathway. Follow the path around, with the rope fence on your left. Go up stone ramp to enter the ruins, and to FLAG 14.
  15. Retrace your steps out of the ruins, going down the ramp to the left to find the path. Rejoin the tarmac road, heading left. FLAG 15 is just down the road in the “Monaco-style” tunnel.
  16. At exit of tunnel, there is a four storey property on your left. Continue down the tarmac road and go onto the grass on your LEFT as you pass the house. Over a slight bump and onto the beach, towards another arch. FLAG 16 is just ahead.
  17. Continue forward on the beach, ramps are really crap and just slow you down! Cycle under the arch to find FLAG 17.
  18. Continue forward on the beach, bearing RIGHT. With the ocean to your left, FLAG 18 is positioned behind the smaller grass mound ahead of you, slightly to the left.
  19. Turn back & retrace your steps on the beach. When you reach the end of the sand, the four-storey property should be on your right. Rejoin the tarmac road, bearing LEFT, towards Red Gate Bridge. Go onto bridge, with FLAG 19 collected as you crest the summit.
  20. Continue forward off the bridge, following the tarmac road into town. FLAG 20 is clearly visible ahead.

CAUTION: As you get the FINAL FLAG bear right, cycling between the tree and the fountain. Head towards the stone archway and up the ramp. Ahead and to your left is a BLUE POWER RAMP. Use this to jump to the finish, braking as you land. This course should gain you THREE STARS and a distance of around 13.5km.

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